Special Programs for School

DAVIN INFO is a name that brings innovative and time-saving ways to conduct assessments. The advancement in technology and a global need for skills that people need to strive in dynamic workplace has motivated us to take it step further for you. Our team of seasoned professionals has come up with a state-of-the-art technology that can help you conduct online/offline assessments the easy way. With physical centers all over the country and instant result declaration, choosing appropriate talent for your organization will not be a difficult task now. Besides our online and offline assessment services for corporates and other small-scale companies, we have also created customized programs and assessment methods for schools that can help students for their future studies and career aspirations.

How We Help?

One of our services include special programs for school, where we provide a platform for school-going children to take mock entrance exams that can help them enroll for higher studies. We can also customize different tests for students from different streams who are aiming to pursue their higher studies in a particular field of education. We can also help with providing a surreal environment for group discussions and interviews.

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If you are looking to incorporate our services for special programs for schools into your curriculum, fill out our contact form one of experts will get back to you. You can also reach out to us at +91-22-49711375.

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