On Screen Marking

Gone are the days when examiners had to invest countless hours in evaluating and processing assessment results. Davin is here to take the complexities out of the assessment process with tailored, technology-driven assessment solutions with on-screen marking. Say goodbye to physical answer sheet handling and evaluation process with technology-driven on-screen marking that eliminates all administrative and logistic obligations, while ensuring timely and accurate result processing.

Why Embrace On-Screen Marking?

Online marking promises a number of evident benefits over the traditional evaluation process. Here is an overview of what you can call the tip of the iceberg :

Secure Testing Environment
On-screen marking eliminates the omnipresent concern of critical information being leaked or falling into wrong hands. The details of evaluation papers are masked using a robust encryption technology that ensures a transparent and safe evaluation process.
Location Independent Assessment
On-screen marking removes logistical constraints by allowing you to conduct location independent assessments, giving your examiners the freedom to evaluate exam papers regardless of their physical location.
Simplified Moderation Process
The moderation process can be an impediment, especially when it comes to evaluating a large number of exam papers. On-screen marking helps you overcome the barrier through a seamless moderation process minus the traditional complexities.
Quick Result Processing
Another key benefit that you stand to receive through on-screen marking is quick result processing. Now you can instantly generate results and migrate the result data to your marksheet processing system with ease.

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