Learning Management System

Leveraging deep expertise and extensive experience in creating holistic internet-based training and assessment solutions for a diverse spectrum of clients, DAVIN INFO offers a holistic Learning Management System, encapsulating an array of features including documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses. Our Learning Management System allows you to create, deliver and report on training and development courses in the simplest of forms, taking out resource-intensive activities and repeated tasks, thereby allowing you to focus on more critical tasks that demand human intervention.

Reduce Cost while Improving Efficiency

The Learning Management System offered by DAVIN INFO not only helps you reduce the cost of conducting training and processing results, it also improves the efficiency of the overall process by a notable margin. Whether you need a comprehensive solution that automates the training of your employees, or a 360-degree solution that takes care of all your academic development programs, our Learning Management System has got you covered. Since inception, we have helped an array of clients in upping their learning and development processes and the next story could be yours.

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We, at DAVIN INFO, understand that choosing a Learning Management System is a critical decision for your organization. That is why we are always ready to answer any questions you may have and demonstrate what our Learning Management System can do for you. To learn more, simply fill out our contact form or speak with one of our product specialists by calling +91-22-49711375.

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