Internet Based Testing

DAVIN INFO offers one of the best Internet-Based Testing services across India. We leverage the best in technology, seasoned teams of experts, a national network, and a century of combined experience in providing educational/testing services to bring premium Internet Based Testing.

Internet based testing eliminates geographic boundaries allowing for a wider pool of candidates. It also offers a host of distinct benefits, which include:

Lower Costs
Internet based testing lowers human, infrastructural, operational, and logistical costs.
DAVIN INFO internet testing is highly secure. This ensures that there are no instances of impersonation and content leaks.
Saves Time
Another benefit of DAVIN INFO internet based testing services is that they save the time required in planning, coordination, and the generation of results.
Introduces Streamlining
Internet based testing allows the whole process to be streamlined. Candidates can apply/register, take the exam, and get instant result online on the same platform.

24-7 Support

Clients and candidates can access instant help round-the-clock. DAVIN INFO Internet Based Testing solutions can be customized to client specifications and needs and also deployed within the shortest amount of time. We have a robust and scalable examination solution that is trusted by many notable organizations around the country. Talk to us today to hear more about our internet based testing/assessment services and get answers to all your questions.

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