Custom Solutions

According to your requirement, our team of assessment professionals at Davin customize the services needed to give you top-quality assessment solutions. To achieve the perfect and ideal custom solutions, our team makes sure they know and understand your requirements completely before providing all the needed requirements. That being said, our custom solutions cover a wide-range of services, including examination process, invigilator modules, practise tests, and other assessments.

What Do We Offer?
Online/Offline Exams
Whether you wish to conduct an online or offline examination, Davin offers all the needed requirements to make that happen. From seats to invigilators, leave it all to the experts at Davin to make sure the process is conducted without any hassles.
Invigilator Modules
If you wish to become an invigilator, register at DAVIN INFO and make your dream come true. We have invigilator modules that, after completion, give you the opportunity to invigilate offline examinations conducted for our clients.
Practise / Tests
We also have a portal of practise tests for students to prepare for various online or offline examinations, ranging from boards to mass recruitment assessments.

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Davin is a one-stop solution to all examination related requirements, including booking examination halls or seats, invigilators, and conducting online or offline assessments. To learn more, simply call +91-22-49711375 or write to us at info@davininfo.com.

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