Computer Based Test

DAVIN INFO strives to provide comprehensive testing and assessment solutions for diverse clients and needs. Our folio of services includes Computer Based Testing (CBT) in different certifications and assessments. Computer testing offers candidates a variety of useful tools that enable them to use allotted time effectively.

There are several other advantages associated with taking a CBT Test format, including but not limited to:

Instant Score / Result
Unlike some exam/testing formats that require candidates to wait for the score after completion, CBT offers instant results. Candidates can get a printed report of their score immediately after taking the test.
Wider Reach
CBT also allows the testing or assessment to be conducted on a wider pool of candidates without limitations such as language. Scheduling of the tests/assessments also becomes much more flexible.
Saves Time / Costs
CBT significantly cuts or eliminates the time that would otherwise be consumed in planning and coordinating the testing as well as result generation. Assessments and admissions decisions are significantly accelerated while enhancing the efficiency of the whole process. Administrative costs are also drastically reduced as a result.

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